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Antidepressant Treatment and Queries

Antidepressants are the drugs that are prescribed for patients who are suffering from depression and if you’re suffering from depression you must be quite familiar with the term. Antidepressants are widely prescribed by the doctors to the patients suffering from depression. The most discussed topic we are including today are:


The first question is the most important one. The side-effects of the antibiotics are a major concern. The side-effects different in every individual and also it depends on the sensitivity of the individual.

These are all the side-effects that have been observed. Weight gain might be depressing to a normal person also therefore a little weight gain shouldn’t be considered as a side-effect. A very famous antidepressant Paxil has been linked to breast cancer.

The most popular question that almost everybody asks these days are who should be given antidepressants. As we have summarised antidepressants are not pricey therefore doesn’t weight on common people pockets. Women are more prone to antidepressants than men by 23% and that too the women aging between 40 to 50 years old are the ones who used antidepressants mostly. The use of antidepressants has increased so much these days in America that one in ten of the people living there are using antidepressants and this ratio is without including the sex, age or income of the people. The elderly people are often on the stage of misdiagnosing because they have something else and are diagnosed with depression.

Now are we as a nation being serious about this and giving medicines to only those who need it or we over-medicated and misdiagnosing diseases just because we have unlimited access to antidepressants. Is it true that they are so popular because they outweigh the side-effects so much? Is it good to use antidepressants so much these days? And many medical professionals would say yes to the use of antidepressants because depression has been underrated for so many years people ignore the signs and continue as they have been. The struggle is real because it’s very common in people because of the stress and tension.

The antidepressants are being used regularly because this problem has grown many folds also some people don’t understand when to stop the use. The television which is an invention that made everything easy also made something’s difficult. The feelings of melancholy and depression in some people due to short living reasons take these matters seriously. They don’t understand the side-effects they just want to stop these feelings to invade their mind but they forget these issues are dealt head on and not through consuming medicines to numb you.

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