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Wellbutrin which is also known as bupropion is a medication or drug that is used mainly in the treatment of depression. It also helps people to stop smoking. Other names of the drug include Forfivo, Chantix, Aplenzin and Zyban.

Fast Facts about Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin is considered to be an anti-depressant which also helps people to stop smoking.

There are studies that show that the drug may be useful in the treatment of methamphetamine dependence.

It doesn’t usually lead to any sexual dysfunction or weight gain.

The side effects are known to include rashes, confusion, dizziness and seizures in all of those who are prone to them.

What is Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin can be classified as one of the aminoketone. Its first approval was for a clinical use in the year 1985 in the United States of America. It is considered to be one of the most frequently used anti-depressants that are prescribed in the English speaking world.

Its main use is to prevent and treat depression and also acts as a smoking cessation aid.

It is less likely that the drug will cause any sexual dysfunction or weight gain than an SSRI. However, it may trigger seizures in all those who may be susceptible.


Most of the anti-depressants are known to be selective serotonine reuptake inhibitors. They do help in boosting the level of serotonine in the brain.

Wellbutrin or bupropione is, however, different. It is an NDRI which stands for Norepinephrine-Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor.

The NDRI is using to boost the levels of neurotransmitters, norepinephrine which is also known as dopamine and noradrenaline.

Its action is supposed to be complex and the neurological effects have been only partially understood.

As well as the fact of being an anti-depressant, Wellbutrin is also an antagonist for nicotine receptors. This basically means that it blocks out the receptors whereby Nicotine would normally bind. This makes it useful during smoking cessation.



The drug is known to be taken by the mouth like a 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg tablet. The 150 mg XR which is the extended release is the one that is more popular.

The person who is utilizing the 150 mg SR tablet should take around 1 tablet twice in a day. No single dosage should ever exceed 150 mg and the daily dosage should never exceed 450 mg.

The tablet needs to be taken in the morning and in cases with relation to XR tablet it needs to be swallowed whole. Chewing or breaking the XR tablet does lead to an increase in the risk of getting an overdose and also possible seizures.

One needs to follow their doctor’s instructions as to how to avoid such risks.


This particular drug has been trialed for the use in weight loss, ADHD and bipolar depression. However, so far the evidence suggests significantly that it only supports smoking cessation and depression.

  1. Depression: The medication is found to be as effective as most of the other popularly prescribed anti-depressants. There are also fewer chances of sexual impairment, weight gain, sleepiness than with the other forms of treatment. It is also known to work actively against sexual impairment that results from any previous anti-depressant usage. It may take weeks or even months for the medicine to relieve the person of the symptoms of depression. There is no such fix length regarding time for using it. However, the patient might be advised to continue the drug even while they feel better in order to prevent the symptoms from rising again. The patients who have major depressive disorders and who do not respond to the SSRIs may sometimes be prescribed this particular drug as an additional medication.
  2. Smoking Cessation: Bupropion is known to be found to reduce significantly the craving for nicotine. A course of this treatment usually takes around 7 to 12 weeks but by the 10th day, the individual will have stop smoking. It is known to be a cost-effective and safe smoking cessation agent that does help one out of 5 people to stop smoking. A person who has decided to stop smoking will be prescribed with a 150 mg tablet of Zyban or even Chantix which needs to be taken twice a day. It is considered to be the best to use it without any NRT which stands for Nicotine replacement therapy.
Dosage of Wellbutrin

Side effects of Wellbutrin

During the starting days after beginning the treatment, the person might be experiencing restlessness, insomnia, and agitation. Reducing the dosage temporarily or probably avoiding the bedtime dosage may actually help in relieving the sleeping problems.

In an around thousand people there is at least one person who runs the risk of having a seizure with the use of this drug.

Wellbutrin is not considered to be suitable for people who are suffering from or are susceptible to seizures as this may lower the threshold of seizures making it easier for the seizures to occur.

The people who should not be using it include those who:

Some of the other adverse effects are known to include:

One out of 10 people may experience:

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that Wellbutrin is a medicine with side effects which is why it is important for you to consult your doctor before taking it.

Brand Names of Bupropion Hydrochloride: Aplenzin, Ava-Bupropion SR, Bupdep, Bupep SR, Bupraset-XR, Budeprion, Bupep, Bupisure, Bupron-SR, Bupron-XL, Bupropion, Bupropion ER, Bupropion SR, Bupropion-RL, Butrew SBK 12, Butrew SBK 24, Buxon, Clorpax, Deppreo, Dosier, Elontril, Ession-ER, Forfivo XL, Mondrian, Nicostop, Nicotex, Novo-Bupropion SR, PMS-Bupropion SR, Quomem, Quomen, Ratio-Bupropion SR, Sandoz Bupropion SR, Smoquit-SR, Voxra, Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin Retard, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL, Zyban, Zyban LP, Zyntabac.

Wellbutrin: Uses, Dosing & Warnings


Basically, Wellbutrin is a type of tricyclic antidepressant medication which has found its use to treat and cure the symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety and numerous other mental disorders. Although most of the other antidepressant medications have been used for both the pediatrics and the adults, yet, Wellbutrin has not yet been tested for the pediatrics and hence, it is advised by various psychiatrists and doctors not to use it for the kids.

In medical terms, Wellbutrin has the qualities to cure and treat the various symptoms of mental disorders including depression, lack of interest some crucial activities, obsessive-compulsive disorder, lack of concentration, eating disorders and lack of sleep.

Apart from treating depression and similar other mental disorders, Wellbutrin is also used to decrease the distractibility as well as hyperactivity among the patients who are suffering from attention deficit disorder, which is also known as ADHD as well as ADD. Apart from the attention deficit disorder, Wellbutrin is also recommended by the doctors for the patients who are trying to quit smoking. This is because the ingredients of Wellbutrin help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms which a person gets after he quits smoking.

How to use Wellbutrin?

Frankly, Wellbutrin or any other kind of antidepressants which are used to cure the symptoms of mental disorders should be taken as per the strict instructions of your psychiatrist or doctor. Apart from this, you should also inform your psychiatrist if you do not get any kind of relief from the medicine within the first three to four weeks of initiating the treatment. It is also very important to remember that once you are given a particular course of Wellbutrin, you are obliged to complete it entirely or else you will be suffering from several types of withdrawal symptoms which might make your situation worse.

It is also very important to consider that you are not allowed to increase or decrease the dosage of Wellbutrin without the knowledge of your psychiatrist. This is because your psychiatrist has had a complete knowledge of your previous medical history and has prescribed you the best possible dosage for your recovery.

Dosage of Wellbutrin

Similar to all the other antidepressant medications, it is very important that you consume a pill of Wellbutrin as per the exact instructions of your psychiatrist. It has been seen that a pill of Wellbutrin can be consumed with both food or without food. However, you should remember that if you consume your medication along with your food, then you should try to do the exact same thing over and over again. This is because due to such an activity, the contents of the medication will get absorbed in your body in the exact formulation.

Speaking about the formulation, Wellbutrin is available in two types of dosages; the instant release pills, which have a smaller concentration of 75mg and 100mg doses, and the delayed release pills, which have a higher concentration of approximately 200mg to 300mg.

One precaution which should be strictly followed while consuming Wellbutrin is that you should not drink any kind of alcoholic beverages since there are chances of severe side effects.

Do not consume Wellbutrin more than the prescribed dosage

Wellbutrin and similar other antidepressant drugs are very sensitive when it comes to their dosage and consumption. Basically, unlike other usual medications whose dosages can be increased or decreased as per the convenience of the patient, such antidepressant drugs should be consumed as per the strict prescription prescribed by the doctor or psychiatrist.

If you do not adhere by the strict instructions of your psychiatrist or doctor, you might end up getting severe side effects due to the overdosage of your medication or even you might not get any result at all if you have a substandard dosage of your medication of Wellbutrin or other antidepressant drugs.

Serotonin syndrome, a result of overdosage

As there is a saying, excess of everything is bad. So, adhering to this path, it has been seen that if you consume your antidepressant medication more than the prescribed dosage of your doctor, you might end up getting suffered from a critical and fatal side effect which is known as serotonin syndrome.

Basically, the primary function of Wellbutrin or other such selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medications is to enhance the quantity of serotonin and dopamine in your brain as well as realign and balance most of the chemical reactions which are going inside our brain cells. However, there is a limitation to the dosage of these types of medication and it has been seen that during the initial few weeks of treatment, the psychiatrist or doctor prefers to keep that dosage as low as possible, in order to give the body a proper chance and ample time to cope up with the changes in the nervous system.

So, once you increase the dosage without informing your doctor, your body is still not ready to accept the changes and thus, results in a situation is known as serotonin syndrome in which the amount of serotonin and dopamine increases suddenly in your brain and might result into various lethal side effects.

Should pregnant women consume Wellbutrin?

It is, probably, one of the most asked questions regarding Wellbutrin or any other kind of antidepressant drugs. Although no such official research or study has been accounted for regarding the use of Wellbutrin or any other kind of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medication for the pregnant woman, yet, it has been seen that most of the psychiatrists and doctors have preferred that it is better for the pregnant women not to consume any kind of antidepressant drugs.

This is because due to the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs, the serotonin and dopamine levels increase in the nervous system. However, there is another parameter which might arise from the consumption of such medications. It has been seen that every minute ingredient of such medications passes on to the breast milk of the mother. So, when the new-born baby drinks the breast milk, there is a chance that some of the ingredients of the antidepressant medication might enter in his metabolism, which might be dangerous.

Wellbutrin Pack

Wellbutrin is a drug prescribed for the treatment of depression and certain anxiety problems.

The drug can be taken in empty stomach and also with food. But you have to take care that the drug is not crushed, chewed and broken, as the drug should only enter the body slowly. Once you are prescribed wellbutrin, complete the whole course of medication or you will not get the desired results. Never stop the drug without consulting you doctor or you may be at a higher risk.

Before the doctor prescribes Wellbutrin, tell him about all your health history so that he can take a better decision regarding the medication. Better inform him if you have a history of heart attack, seizures, head injuries, kidney or liver problems, bipolar disorder and tumours of the brain and spinal cord.

When taking the drug, you should be very cautious as you may have thoughts about suicide in the first many weeks of the dosage. Always keep you doctor's appointments. If you come across mood or behaviour changes, panic attacks, anxiety, sleeping problems or thoughts of suicide, consult your doctor immediately.

Wellbutrin is rated FDA pregnancy category C. Though it is not known if Wellbutrin affects the unborn babe, it is always better to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant. Breast-feeding mothers should not use the drug as the drug is seen in breast milk, which can cause harm to the kids. The drug should also be not prescribed for children below 18 years of age.

Wellbutrin is a drug prescribed for the treatment of depression

Treatment of Depression with Tricyclic Antidepressants


Tricyclic antidepressant drugs were incepted during the late 1950s and they were the first antidepressant drugs. They were given for the treatment of major depression. They helped a lot of patients to deal with depression.

They block the reuptake of 2 monoamine transmitters namely, serotonin and norepinephrine, by neurons. This causes intensification in the effects of the transmitters. The mechanism is very consistent with monoamine depression hypothesis which states that depression occurs as a result of deficiency in the monoamine- mediated transmission and so, it needs to be looked after by the use of drugs that can intensify the effects of monoamine.

Also, one needs to consider that blockage of reuptake can never completely account for the therapeutic effects. It can be due to two reasons. Clinical response to tricyclic antidepressants causing relief in depression symptoms as well as the biochemical effects that lead to blockage of transmitter reuptake never happen simultaneously.

The blockage of transmitter uptake by tricyclic antidepressants begins within hours of ingestion but, relief is observed after several weeks. The reason behind the delay is still a question. But, it can be said that in the time that occurs between the uptake blockade and response, the intermediary neuro- chemical events take place.

Tricyclic drugs are taken for major depression. They elevate mood, decrease morbid preoccupation, increase alertness and activity, maintain sleep patterns and improve appetite. They can also be taken during bipolar disorder’s depressive episodes.

There are some serious side- effects of tricyclic antidepressants. Some can be life threatening. They are:

Orthostatic Hypotension

A sudden drop in the blood pressure when a person stands is orthostatic hypotension. It causes lightheadedness and dizziness. It can be minimized by slowly moving upright.


It is sweating without any reason. The reason behind the occurrence is unknown.

Anticholinergic Effects

They can be anyone from amongst photophobia, dry mouth, constipation, blurred vision, tachycardia and urinary hesitancy.


As the tricyclic drugs block the histamine receptors in the CNS (Central Nervous System) patient is very likely to experience various levels of sedation.

Cardiac Toxicity

Tricyclic antidepressant drugs hamper the cardiac system in many ways. But, if there is no already existing cardiac condition and in the absence of drug overdose, serious side effects are less likely to happen. But, to keep any serious risk at bay, a person who is taking tricyclic antidepressant drugs must have an ECG (electrocardiogram) before taking the drugs.


Hypomania is a condition where the symptoms of depression turn 180 degree and it causes development of mild mania.

If hypomania occurs it must be ruled out whether hypomania is due to the medications or due to bipolar disorder.


Tricyclic drugs are very likely to cause seizures. The patients who have epilepsy or any other seizure disorder should be monitored very carefully.

These drugs are an overdose risk. For any life threatening effect only eight times of the daily dose is required. So, acutely depressed patients must not be given more than 1 week supply.

How do Antidepressants Function?

Antidepressants Function

Antidepressants are the primary line of treatment against depression. Numerous pharmaceutical organizations occupied with direct showcasing of antidepressants to purchasers through TV and print media.

Hence, patients have a great impact on prescribing schemes of health experts with regards to this kind of drug. Antidepressants are frequently recommended, yet all things considered, what precisely are antidepressants? How would they function?


Individuals who are looking for help for the diagnosis and treatment of depression ought to counsel their doctor and/or drug specialist.

The depression or real depressive issue - TDM, likewise called clinical dejection or unipolar depression – it prompts lost efficiency at work and school. What's more, in particular, is the main cause of suicide.

The TDM, not at all like the brief periods of "melancholy" is a steady change in temperament that can interrupt family connections and self-esteem. The TDM has physical and mental indications, which include:

To have a clinical conclusion of MDD, these side effects ought to happen as often as possible for a minimum time of two weeks. These side effects can likewise come about because of different maladies, for example, hypertension, diabetes, coronary illness and epilepsy.

How Antidepressants Work

Antidepressants are intended to block different parts of the procedure of synaptic transmission in neurons that contain serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the cerebrum and hence enhance the levels of these neurotransmitters. With the expansion in neurotransmitter levels, moods and feelings ought to balance out and maybe come back to normal.

Antidepressants are grouped by the neurotransmitters that affect and how they influence. We should look at the different sorts of antidepressant:

SSRIs, antidepressants endorsed frequently were presented in the mid 80s. SSRIs piece serotonin transport back to the pre-synaptic cell. SSRIs incorporate the following medications:

  1. Fluoxetine (Prozac)
  2. Paroxetine (Paxil)
  3. Sertraline (Zoloft)
  4. Fluvoxamine (Luvox)
  5. Citalopram (Celexa)
  6. Escitalopram (Lexapro)

The different SSRIs are similarly successful and endured by patients. Notwithstanding, one responds a similar way, along these lines, a few patients may endure more reactions of a sort other than with SSRIs. Most antidepresasnt is directed more than once per day.

Symptoms incorporate sickness, dizziness, unsteadiness, sleep deprivation, vomiting, anorexia, tension and sexual dysfunction.

Tricyclic antidepressants include:

  1. Nortriptyline (Pamelor)
  2. Maprotiline (Ludiomil)
  3. Desipramine (Norpramine)
  4. Amitriptyline (Elavil)
  5. Clomipramine (Anafranil)
  6. Imipramine (Tofranil)

Tricyclic antidepressants influence heart rate and pulse, since norepinephrine is additionally a neurotransmitter utilized by the autonomic sensory system that controls circulatory strain and heart rate. Its reactions incorporate postural hypotension (circulatory strain underneath typical), tachycardia (quick pulse), dry mouth, urinary maintenance and obscured vision.

Tricyclic antidepressants are non-particular inhibitors of the reuptake of norepinephrine, in light of the fact that their compound structures are like norepinephrine.

Depression Disorder – Know more about Drug interactions, Antidepressants and food additives!


Is it accurate to say that you are consuming antidepressant medicines known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)? At that point you ought to know about how this sort of pharmaceutical may interact with other medicine accessible without prescription. You would do well to talk with your specialist before taking certain eating routine pills, decongestants or St. John's wort.

It appears that more elevated amounts of serotonin can choke blood stream by narrowing veins. Presently all alone it is not an especially perilous impact. Research reasoned that joining this impact with substances, for example, pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine or phentermine could prompt a perilous narrowing of blood vessels. In extraordinary cases this may prompt seizures, severe headaches or even multiple strokes. Simply remember it and keep your specialist informed.

You might need to evade the flavor improving sodium salt known as monosodium glutamate or MSG. Monosodium glutamate has been connected to instances of dejection and fatigue. You can evade items which list MSG, yeast concentrates or natural flavors. The last two expressions are some of the time utilized by food makers to hide the utilization of MSG in their items. Aspartame is one more food additive that ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in the event if you are going through depression. As per certain research aspartame may intensify the side effects of depressive issue.

An herbal treatment which is less perceived in the West yet better known in the Soviet Union is Rhodiola rosea. It is an old solution for alleviating depression and nervousness. It might likewise help vitality levels. This herb has been examined by Russian analysts for a couple of decades. It appears that it can decrease cortisol hormones while helping cells to build vitality generation. It helps in the process of energy production. Cortisol is a hormone that is associated with stress. A blend produced using the roots of this plant can enhance serotonin and beta-endorphin levels.

Fish consists of both EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. These two fatty blubbery acknowledge been clear intense care to envision the advancement of sadness ataxia if adjusted together. This looked great to pharmaceuticals, herbs, food additives and supplements that can a disorder on logical humiliation. All new year's investigation and the examination has guaranteed, prescription diet pill, that the amassing of this bulb, can get to serotonin and beta-endorphin levels. Omega-3 supplements, as you can acknowledge an eventual outcome kind love of a depressive issue.

Omega-3 supplements may likewise beneficially affect the manifestations of depressive issue. Angle joins both DHA and EPA omega-3 unsaturated fats. These two urgent unsaturated fats have been appeared to help keep the improvement of depressive issue when utilized together.

This article took a gander at medications, herbs, supplements and sustenance added substances which may affect clinical melancholy issue. Consistently new research and treatment thoughts become visible. We ought to keep our eyes and ears open for any essential news concerning discouragement and psychological well-being.

What Is A Tricyclic Antidepressant Drug?

TriCyclic Antidepressants also known as TCA are nothing but a pair of drugs which aid as to balancing the chemicals in the neurotransmitter. These chemicals are taken into use by the nerve cells and it is nothing but the TCA which assists as to the increase of serotonin as well as norepinephrine levels into the body. Besides, this drug also blocks acetylcholine. Thus, as a result of all these activities, the balance of the chemicals present in the brain helps to relieve the disposition and attention. These antidepressants are though frequently prescribed by the doctors, but they do not form the first option of the treatment which solves the problem of depression. This drug is secure and fast acting if we compare it to other forms of antidepressants. There are side effects caused by this drug which hinder the convenience of the patient.

For example, Elavil is considered as an effective antidepressant which block acetylcholine but also creates the problem of constipation in various patients. TCA antidepressants are strictly not advisable for all the patients who suffer from the problem of heart conditions, glaucoma as well as seizures. Children and teenagers have often undergone various suicidal tendencies when they took in use this drug. Other mild side effects caused as a result of the consumption of this drug include blurred vision, weight changes, low BP, rash, dry mouth, palpitations, constipation as well as drowsiness. They also have the chances of making a person impotent.

Also there are a few drugs which do not go hand in hand with TCA. Thus, if you are consuming these antidepressants, you shall strictly avoid the drugs such as clonidine, MAOI, epinephrine as well as crimetadine. If taken together with TCA it may cause problems such as high blood pressure and in the worst case it may also lead to stroke. During the treatment of TCA it is also fair to avoid the intake of beverages containing alcohol. Apart from depression, these drugs are also used for the treatment of bedwetting, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia, PMS, migraine as well as recurring pain. Some of the uses of this antidepressants are not approved by the USFDA.

Antidepressant Drug List

Antidepressant Drugs

Antidepressant drug list is common phenomenon in a pharmaceutical company but not including fluxetine in the drug list is quite negligent. This is a type of antidepressant that comes under Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor popularly known as SSRI because it is good for health and certain types of depression as it may poses some really toxic side-effects. One such example of side-effects of fluxetine is vomiting. This type of antidepressant is good for lethargy and obesity but it is not recommended for crippled patients. This antidepressant medicine also aggravates tizzy through a boost of energy and less food intake. This drug has it all and the best thing about this drug is it does not make people sleepy or weary.

Now if we talk about the patients with bipolar disorder the best drug to use and should be included in the list of antidepressant is sertraline should be included in the complete list and also it doesn’t affect patient adversely like other drugs and doesn’t create side-effects while uplift the patient through positive result. The drug's powerfulness is much more useful when it is only taken after a meal. If a patient suffering from depression experience anxiety and sleeplessness, then the patient should take paroxetine. This type of antidepressant has properties that urge sleep and a sedative effect. Before using this specific drug on the list of antidepressants for old people you should know that it may impair normal body function and can affect memory of the person.

Since old age patients are more sensitive than any of the other age group, the drug venlafaxine should definitely be on the listed file of antidepressant drugs. This drug is very useful for mild depression in the elderly patients and it does not conclude in any kind of sexual side-effects. The antidepressant bupropoin should not be included in the list of antidepressant drugs for patients who are suffering from epileptic seizure, bulimia, and head injuries. However if the patient is also suffering from tepid epilepsy spells, if the patient is taking the drugs the chances of suffering from seizures is hugely expanded. Apart from this, the dosage should be determined which is quite hard and also enhances the sexual drive.

The drugs are a matter of concern some people abuse their right to buy the drugs. As these drugs are antidepressants they get it illegally and use it to get high which is considered punishable worldwide. The list phenomenon of antidepressant is a wonderful idea which gives us insight of which medicines are worth using while what to avoid that may create side-effects afterwards. For the reasons not unknown it is important to include medicines that may affect the elderly and not the youth is so that we can divide them accordingly. If you’re suffering from depression please consult your doctor and if you’re dealing with some side-effects then do let the doctor know. This kind of information is very important for research and clinical purposes so don’t forget to mention them.

Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms: How Long Do They Last?

Withdrawal Symptoms

Taking antidepressants help in tackling any kind of depression ranging from mild to a very severe one. There are several antidepressant drugs for that matter and doctors prescribe them for various cases. Different antidepressant drug have a different mode of action and works differently from each other. All these drugs have their own way of tackling depression. But, one thing that every antidepressant drug has in common is that they all cause some side effects and they all cause a kind of dependency. When the use of the drug is stopped, they cause major antidepressant withdrawal symptoms.

Major depressive disorders, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, et al require the use of antidepressant drugs. In some patients, these antidepressant drugs works brilliantly while, some patients do not benefit from them at all. After the course of treatment, the patients stop the use of antidepressant drugs while, some discontinue the drugs because they no longer work for them. Under both the conditions, the withdrawal of antidepressant drugs cause withdrawal symptoms. It is very important to know the symptoms.

There are many ways with which you can avoid the symptoms caused by the withdrawal of the antidepressant drugs. The best way is to talk to your doctor before you think about withdrawing the drugs. A doctor knows everything the best and he will surely guide you the best. If you abruptly quit the use of antidepressants, it can cause you many symptoms. The symptoms include slurred speech, dizziness, agitation, hypertension, and increased sweating. If you quit the drugs under the supervision of the doctor, he will help you to come out of these symptoms. IF you feel any of these withdrawal symptoms, you must consult your doctor.

Every person experiences withdrawal symptoms for varied length of time. There are certain people that feel no withdrawal symptoms at all while others might experience the withdrawal symptoms for about two months. There are several people who might experience the symptoms for more than a year. This happens because every person’s body is different and reacts differently to the symptoms and hence, it couldn’t be said for how long the withdrawal symptoms will last in a person.

One think that you must keep in mind is that if you want to withdraw the use of antidepressant drugs, do it gradually. Never stop the use of antidepressant drugs abruptly. Seek your doctor’s help for this purpose as he is the best person to help you. If you stop the drug, keep a strict check on your body and look for the symptoms. If you feel anything wrong, consult your doctor immediately. The withdrawal symptoms last from one day to over one year. During this period, keep consulting to your doctor. If this all happens under the strict eye of your doctor, it will help you to cope well with the withdrawal symptoms of the antidepressant drug. Also, you would be able to go through the transition smoothly as well as quickly.

Antidepressants analogs in UK

Antidepressants Analogs

Celexa - Cipramil; Cymbalta - Yentreve; Desyrel - Trittico; Effexor - Foraven, Politid, Tifaxin, Venaxx, Venlalic; Elavil - Domical, Lentizol, Tryptizol; Lexapro - Cipralex; Luvox - Faverin; Pamelor - Allegron, Aventyl; Paxil - Seroxat; Zyprexa - Zypadhera.

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