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Antidepressants and Depression

Depression is not madness and people should be able to differentiate between them. It is quite common these days because people with high end jobs and competition have increased the level of stress and no out lets to get it out. People tend to think that taking drugs will cure them of depression and they will as they were because taking drugs is very simple they are available and cheap and a pill can fix anything but what you don’t understand is pill takes time to fix anything and most people think it’s not working because they have been using it for 1 week and still no effects.

When you first consult a doctor about depression the doctor prescribes you antidepressants and also suggest some counselling so that the mental pressure is relieved. When you start your course the doctor already told you to complete the course before analysing anything. People usually start the course but when they don’t see any results after 1 week they usually stop the treatment thinking the drugs are not working on me and some other doctor and start another course. People should know that antidepressants drugs usually start working after 6 weeks of taking them. That’s a long time but that’s the nature of antidepressants they work slowly but they also give positive results and for that matter you have to be patient and take the drugs for at least 6 months if you want some positive results.

Antidepressants and Depression

Also some antidepressants start working early and knowing people they tend to stop the treatment as soon as they get well. They don’t understand that a full course is necessary to get better because as soon as you stop taking them you will notice your symptoms returning with a vengeance. Therefore, it’s said to always complete the course and not to stop using the drugs as soon as you feel better.

It is not uncommon to have side-effects after using antidepressants for some time usually the side-effects disappear with time but if they don’t you should consult your doctor and ask the doctor about the possible side-effects and if you have other diseases and the drugs you’re taking for them. The doctor will change your medication that would suit you better and will prescribe drugs that won’t clash with your other medication. Therefore, consulting doctor is very important. You should never take drugs by yourself because it’s dangerous to take them while you are on other medications.

Taking alcohol with antidepressants is a big NO as you must have heard about the possible side-effects including stroke and strike in blood pressure. You should be careful about driving after taking certain drugs because you may feel sleepy after wards and driving in influence of sleep is equally dangerous. Also please don’t take antidepressants by yourself and no without consulting your doctor these things should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor and not without it. You should also try counselling if you are under grave depression.

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