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Antidepressants and Eating Disorders

The most common antidepressant drug that is prescribed for eating disorder is Wellbutrin. People have varied opinion about Wellbutrin. Some say Wellbutrin helps them in dealing with eating disorder but, for some it created even more issues.

Why do only few people benefit from taking Wellbutrin while some get exactly opposite effects? Is Wellbutrin apt for eating disorder as the first line medication?

Eating Disorders

Let us understand why Wellbutrin is a good treatment for eating disorder

Wellbutrin is an effective antidepressant drug. The people who suffer from eating disorders also suffer from other psychological disorders like obsessive- compulsive disorders and depression. Wellbutrin helps in dealing with these disorders. It also helps in maintaining the levels of serotonin which helps in controlling mood, appetite and feelings. Thus, after taking Wellbutrin the patient feels better and controlled.

But, there are many people who suffer from eating disorder but, do not suffer from depression or emotional issues. If they take Wellbutrin to maintain the level of serotonin, they develop a resistance to Wellbutrin. They keep on increasing the dose of Porzac with time. Once they reduce the dose or quit the drug, they return to their eating habit once again. Some people also face severe withdrawal symptoms.

The biggest question is how can one use this medication in a more effective way?

The best way to use Wellbutrin is an integrated treatment strategy. The first strategy is to use Wellbutrin with counselling in order to treat eating disorder. But, the counselling treatment, the doctors should also include family therapy, self education, and self help.

Many people could not control the eating disorder even when they are on Wellbutrin. Once they return from the clinic, they return to their eating disorder. They should understand the fact that their eating disorder will not get corrected overnight.

If a patient is given Wellbutrin or any other pill, he should also be given some psychological help and education. The person should be taught about strategies of self- control, self- presentation and self- evaluation.

The most important things that a patient should be taught are self- help as well as self- education. A person should know how to act while he is on his own. He should know all the strategies to deal with eating disorder when he is not with his doctor.

The doctors should train the patients and also ask them seek help from books. There are several books to help them in this respect. The books carry all the essential details about the eating disorder management as well as treatment.

Lastly, we would say that Wellbutrin is effective for some eating disorder patients. It is best when taken along with behavioural treatment. But, there are several people who do not benefit from taking Wellbutrin. This could be due to anything like individual specifics, improper consumption or other factors. One should learn about all the aspects of the disorder and look for other effective ways to improve himself. This is the best treatment for eating disorder.

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