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Connection between Antidepressant Drugs and Incontinence


Incontinence is the loss of bladder control. A person suffering with incontinence fails to control urination or defecation. It is one of the most embarrassing problems. It is a very common condition. Many people experience the episodes of incontinence. The good thing is that it can be treated with medical help.

There are certain things that can cause incontinence and use of antidepressants can be one such thing. It is quite shocking to known that people who take antidepressant drugs suffer from the problem of incontinence.

Many studies and research have revealed a connection between antidepressant drugs and incontinence.

There are many different kinds of antidepressant drugs and all the drugs are fabricate using various chemical compounds. There are also some antidepressant drugs that stop the existing incontinence problem in a person but, many are likely to illicit the issue.

If you too take antidepressant drugs and fail to control you bladder activities, you must not shy away from paying a visit to your doctor as this is a serious issue. You must discuss it with your doctor and he will tell you the measures to deal with it.

The doctors are likely to prescribe various medications to you in order to deal with the incontinence problem. The doctors will change the existing antidepressant drug and give you the antidepressant that is less likely to cause incontinence. We would advise you to not to stop the use of antidepressant altogether to get rid of incontinence. If you do so, you will come face to face with other issues. Sudden stoppage of antidepressant drugs causes severe withdrawal symptoms.

If you are taking antidepressant drugs and are suffering from incontinence, you must consult your doctor. You must discuss everything with your doctor to get some help as this condition can be easily dealt with medical help.

The reason behind incontinence is that the antidepressant drugs involve the use of many chemicals that hamper the elasticity of the bladder. The bladder incorporates various muscles that push the urine into urethra when it is full. Use of antidepressant drugs target this process and prevents the bladder from emptying completely. The urine keeps entering the bladder causing overflow and this, in turn result in leakage.

One more reason is that the use of antidepressants arrests the feeling of using the loo.

If you take help from doctor and he rejects the idea of changing the medications or if the new medication prescribed by the doctor doesn't help either, you can take help from special products that are designed to deal with the problem of incontinence.

There are certain products designed to help the people who suffer from incontinence. The products are gender specific. Earlier, people used to use adult diaper to deal with incontinence but, this idea is so passe now. Today, there are certain products like pants, pads, mattress covers, et al to make the live of the people easy and to help them to deal with this embarrassing condition.

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