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Depression During After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a mixed feeling. It is a feeling of joy mixed with worry, anxiety and a little blues. It is hard to believe but, about 13 percent of pregnant women suffer from depression during and after pregnancy. Let’s take a closer look at this health issue.


Depression is a serious mental illness. It is not just feeling blue for some days, depression has more to it. In depression, the feeling of grief, anxiety and sadness do not go away after troubling the person for a few days. These feelings stay for long and start interfering in the regular life of the person. The feeling can be mild or very serious and intense.

Depression is very common problem during and after pregnancy. But, it can be treated with a proper treatment.

Depression During After Pregnancy

“Baby Blues”, “Postpartum Depression” And “Postpartum Psychosis”

Baby blues are sinking feelings in a few days after the childbirth. The new mother experience mood swings, sadness, anxiety, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, etc. These feelings vanish just in few days or weeks.

Postpartum depression is the type of depression that occurs after child birth. It occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. It may occur anytime in the first year after delivery. The symptoms include:


This kind of depression requires treatment.

Postpartum psychosis is a rare condition. It occurs in 1 to 4 out of 1,000 births. It occurs in the first two weeks after delivery. The symptoms are:

Causes Of Depression

Depression during and after pregnancy can be due to the following factors:


The common symptoms are:

A little worry and anxiety is normal but, if you have these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, it is an alarming sign. You must consult your doctor.


Tips That Help To Cure Depression

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