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Risk of Brain Injury

Men are living with the different problems in this world. It is also a beauty of life. A strong man enjoys their life with full amplitude by facing all the life problems with good techniques. On the other hand there are many other people which are not satisfied with their life because they have not such type of ability to handle the difficulties of life. In this way, they may suffer from different kind of disease. It is noticed that young men with too much less income or having less mental skill suffer more from high risk of mild traumatic brain injuries. Researcher examined the mental skills of 300000 persons of military who served in Sweden from 1989 to 1994. They all were an average 19 years old. 4700 participants were suffered from mild traumatic brain injury before testing the mental skill while 11000 faced this mental injury once. 800 participants got this injury in their study time period. According to one another study, falling, traffic crashes and assaults are the most frequent reasons of mild traumatic brain injury. According to the one journal release, this mental ability decreased up to 5.6 % in those people who suffered from mild traumatic brain injury before the mental testing. On the other hand, mental ability was 15 % lowered in those people who never suffered from mild traumatic brain injury. Other than the mild traumatic brain injury factors had less contribution in metal ability as low total income, a high level of physical fitness, hospital admission for intoxication, a previous such brain injury, low education level and taking early disability pension. Another investigator said that very less mental ability and less social status are also important factor for mild traumatic brain injury. It is important to find out those factors which are responsible for such injuries and sort them out for better outcomes. According to the one estimation, about ten million of brain injuries happen each year throughout the world and mild traumatic brain injury are 70 to 90 % in them. Young men are highly rated in this problem. According to the latest research, this problem happened due to the change of tissues in the brain and it puts long term side effects on thinking skills, including attention, memory, learning and brain processing speed. Such type of problem happens in 15 to 25 percent people due to the mild traumatic brain injury. This research only explains the relationship between low mental ability with risk of brain injury but does not explain the cause and effects of this problem. There are more research is required to find out the actual reasons behind this problem. Anyhow, men should stronger their mind and try to overcome on all the problems with high temperament otherwise they may suffer from any kind of severe disease due to the lack of mental ability. Stronger mental ability makes the men so powerful and he can enjoy their life with full potential.

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