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Risnia is the brand name of Resperidone which is basically an antipsychotic drug. This drug is used in schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions. It is considered as a potent drug for psychotic diseases. It is also used in the treatment of the symptoms that occur in bipolar diseases (manic depression).

This drug is not indicated for psychotic conditions that are related to dementia. If given in this condition, this drug is likely to cause susceptibility to death especially in older adults that suffer from dementia- related issues.

It is also not given to children without consulting a doctor.

Risperidone Tartrate

Mode of Action of Risnia

Risnia ( Resperidone) works by altering the chemical effect in the brain of the patient. The exact mode of action of this antipsychotic drug is not very well known but, it is believed that this drug works by the activity of the combination of D2 (dopamine type 2) and 5HT2 (serotonin type 2) receptor antagonism.

Uses of Risnia

This drug is used in psychotic conditions. It is used in:

How to Use of Risinia

You must take this drug just the way your doctor asked you to. Follow all the instructions given by the doctor to you. Take the exact amount as prescribed by the doctor. You can take it with or even without food.

Side- effects of Risinia

There are certain side- effects of this drug. Some common side- effects include:

There are some very severe side- effects of this drug too that require immediate consultation. They are:

Pregnancy and Breast- feeding

You must not use this drug during pregnancy or if you are a lactating mother. There are some cases where the neonatal suffered agitation, hypotonia, hypertonia, somnolence, tremor, feeding disorder and respiratory distress to the mothers who have taken this drug in their third trimester.

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