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Say No to Antidepressants and Sleeping Pills


Sound sleep is very important for proper health. Lack of sleep, excessive sleep, and disturbed sleep has to be discussed with the doctor. IF not paid attention on, these sleep disorders can hamper the body energy to a great extent, emotional balance and health.

The amount of sleep depends on many factors including age. An infant needs 10 to 12 hours of sound sleep, 9 hours of sleep is enough for teenagers and the adults should take at least 6 hours of sleep every day.

The commonest sleep disorder is insomnia. It is common in women and elderly people. Other sleep problems are sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, snoring, restlessness, etc. They can be easily managed after diagnosis.

The benefits of taking sound sleep include:

When a person sleeps many changes occur in his blood and brain. It depends on the food and medication taken prior to sleep. Caffeine, smoking, alcohol and antidepressants change sleeping patterns. They can cause sleepiness, stress, fatigue, distorted capacity of thinking, weight gain, lack of concentration and ageing. It occurs due to the inactivity of nerves that control brain.

To sleep well, switch off the electronic gadgets and devices like TV, computer, etc. Dim lights, take a shower, brush your teeth, meditate and pray. Relax in bed without thinking about anything problem or issues. This way you will be able to slip into soothing and peaceful sleep.

Research say that sound is best sleep inducer. It helps the body to relax. Hear to soothing music to relax your mind and achieve meditation's highest level. Brain cells flow in rhythm with audio frequency. This helps in getting comfortable sleep. Audio stimulus generates a good mental state ranging from relaxation to deep sleep and meditation. Tones of nature are the best.

Electrical stimulus at frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 2 Hz leads to deep states of calmness and relaxation. Melody with words disturbs the listener as they try to follow the melody of known music.

As the sleep centres are in the left hemisphere of brain, the region gets distracted and sleepy after a tiring day. To deal with sleep issues you can use stereo headphones but, it is not necessary. You can also use music visualizer.

Brainwave state impacts all the aspects of life. You can utilize this program to achieve desired mental state. Audio frequencies take you a passive state of meditation that can lead to good changes in your life. You can choose your favourite music. Pick pulses and tones that influence the brainwaves. This strategy is safe and powerful. It takes you to sound sleep.

Play the music before you hit the bed and you would fall asleep before the recording reaches an end. Brain gradually learns to produce beneficial, healing and healthy brainwaves. Music helps you to learn, meditate, heal, focus and sleep. Use the rhythm of your brain to establish the electric balance that will help you sleep.

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