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Side Effects of Long-term consumption of Medications


Generally, all medicines show their after effects. But few individuals don't either feel the after effects, or they are able to cope up with them.

Just have a look at the following points and think about them:

Contact the other emergency helpline services immediately if you experience the following after the intake of a medicine:

These are the symptoms of severe hypersensitive reactions to the medication.

Will you experience side effects?

Any person can feel the after effects from a medication, but there is no other option to confirm is a medication will show side effects for you or not. Usually, younger adults are less susceptible to the side effects than the older adults.

Side effects may be observed when your medicine intake starts, the dosage is altered or the consumption of medicine is stopped. Many a times, a medication which you have been consuming for a long time may unexpectedly cause after effects or side effects may discontinue.

Prevention of side effects

There are several things which can be done for the prevention of side effects. Before the intake of any kind of medicine, consult your pharmacist or doctor about:

Common Side-effects and their remedies

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