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Anxiety in men

Anxiety is a very normal human response which is experienced by all at different times. Most feel anxious or nervous when challenged by a problem, before taking an exam or before making any important decision. At times, this condition causes such distress that it somehow results in hampering a person's normal well-being.

Anxiety in men

Any type of anxiety disorder is a serious issue and must be dealt with, properly. Constant fear and feelings of worry are followed by anxiety. Anxiety disorders are more common in women than men, though anxiety in men originates from various factors.

The most commonly recognized types of anxiety disorders are:


The symptoms of anxiety among males depend mostly on the type of anxiety disorder, but the general symptoms include:


The causes that lead to anxiety disorders in men are as follows:


When suspected with symptoms of anxiety, the doctor will begin by filling up details about the medical history and byperforming some physical examinations. Although there might not be any lab tests available to diagnose anxiety, the doctor may still look into any kind of physical ailment that can be a cause of anxiety.

Without the presence of any physical illness, the patient is referred to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to find the source of anxiety, where the patient is evaluated using specially designed interviews and assessment tools.


The exact treatment method would depend on the type of disorder, though few combinations of therapies greatly deal with most of the anxieties:


Though anxiety cannot be completely prevented, it can be controlled to minimize the symptoms. It includes:

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