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Mental Stress in Men

Mental Stress in Men

Mental stress is a part of life and no one get away from this problem. There are many techniques use for minimize it but some men use different medicines for such problem. According to the survey in United States, it is found that every two persons are suffering from this problem among three. This research is based on about 2000 people whose ages were between 30 to 70 years. It is found that financial problem is the top leading reason of stress but men are not worried about their health that's worrying Philip Hagen. This survey suggests that many of the men are overestimating their health. Each four people out of five think themselves as a healthy person but they have actually unhealthy habit. They got their extra weight and have life full of stress due to this overestimation. It is observed that men got weight in last 10 years more but it does not surprises Hagen because commonly people gain weight 1 to 2 pounds every year. Both genders (male and female) pass from same level of stress but male discuss and consider it less, researcher observed in the offices. Stress is responsible to activate the sympathetic nerve system. It is related to the weight gain because it is observed that men with less stress got more weight as compare to the stressful men. Weight gaining conditions also welcome different health problem like diabetes and heart problem. Moreover stress can cause high heart beat rate, migraine, back pain, weak immune system and high blood pressure. Many of the techniques are use for reducing the stress in which exercise, proper sleeping time and meditation are best practice. Yoga is a good remedy especially for reducing stress. Men should recognize the symptoms of stress before changing any other things. Symptoms of stress are feeling tired, forgetfulness, inability to sleep lack of motivation, concentration loss, and recurring headache or start drinking. Stress also put many negative impacts on body's health and there is a chance of cold, flu, cancer or heart attack in the worst condition. Terry Real said that worrying is having your pain in advance. It means that men stress can be increased by just thinking about the worst condition that's why men should consider the present but not the future too much. Some of the steps can help men for reducing the stress as they should use very rarely electronic device but should interpersonally connect. Go with your friends and talk with them is a good habit for resolving stress problem. Enough time for sleep and a good exercise helps in such condition more and these practices creates a big difference among stressful people. Many of the people say that they have no enough time for exercise or relax. Hallowell said that people should aware that how to spend their money and time. Most of the time people do not manage their time but waste about three hour is a week. By managing time and with healthy working routine, a man can get good life with less stress.

Reduce Your Stress in Effective Ways

Stress is now become an important factor which effects the health of men. If this problem crosses limits then there is a possibility that some of the diseases like heart problem, cancer, diabetes, back pain, migraine headache and high blood pressure can happened. In this era, no one can say that he has no any tension because as our life become easy with the development in world, it also increased men's life with tension and fatigue. Perfect removal of the tension part is not possible but by attempting some simple rule we might be able to minimize it. At the start, men suffer from different sort of problem due to the tensions like anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and depression and after a while they may start some unhealthy activities like, drinking, smoking, drug abusing and overeating. Stress is an unhealthy action because it switches the biological buttons inside the body. As a person looks wild animal and try to save his family from animal wildness. In this situation, stress changed his condition for fight to fight response inside the body through biological action. In this condition heart beats too much fast and passes more blood towards brain for quick and active decision. Moreover blood also goes through the arms and legs for providing some extra energy for this task. Blood sugar level increased for providing more fuel in form of energy. Blood clotting became too fast so that blood flow can be stopped in case of initial wounds. There are many methods for handling the stress and can be minimized. Routine of the daily exercise helps men for lowering their stress level and provide improvement in overall body's health. Health diet and proper time to sleep is a good practice to remove the stress part from mind and men become able to handle new stresses. Different kind of the drugs or caffeine should not use as it increases sleeplessness and stress. Similarly, use of the alcohol deepens the part of stress and men remain in same stress after a time period. By spending little time in your comfort zone, men can handle the stress very gently. Men can spend their time in yoga, prayer or in a group of friends for having some fun. Try to clear your mind from such stress and enjoy that part of life where you are sitting. Try to sort out the problems because every time men feel too much relaxed by resolving the problem. In this regard, if your neighbor's dog is barking continuously then you must talk to your neighbor for some solution. It is studied that about 60% of the stress in men's life is because of the traffic jam and it is seven times higher than women. Men should manage their travelling hours and should travel in less rash time. Similarly, go to the shop when there is less packed time of people. Accept and try to enjoy those stresses which you cannot control. As it is useless to depress on rainy weather but you have to enjoy it for minimizing stress.

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