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Anxiety, due to sedentary


In this busy life, there are too much people who spend most of their time by sitting on the chair in offices and on other working places. Due to high sitting plan, people suffer from many of the diseases. Same kind of the people loss their exercising routine and in this way their body turn into a lazy condition. Working body uses food which provides energy to the body and sitting routine effect on our body. It is also found that too much sitting plan disturbs the mind and person turn in to Anxiety.

According to the new review, it is revealed that people who spend most of their time on chair feel too much anxious as compare to the other persons who do not do it. But it not clear, that whether sitting in front of the TV or while use of the computer effect the person with anxiety or not. But it is studied that most of the anxious people spend most of the time by sitting. Megan Teychenne said that it is also possible that it effects on the mental condition of the person. Teychenne continued that, by taking it indirect, most of the people who spend most of the time in watching TV can suffer from anxiety and it also put a direct effect on nervous system that use most of the time in video gaming.

She added, this study explain the relationship between the anxiety and sedentary and more study is required for its long investigation. She said, anxiety is a serious problem in the Australia and about 17 % of the adults are suffering from anxiety problem. Teychenne continued that new generation of this era spends most of their time in front of the computer or watching TV. In this way they victimized from of anxiety problem which is caused by the too much sitting or increase the risk of anxious. Generally, it is studied that many of the researches explained the relationship of sitting plan and anxiety problem created due to this. She said it is also not clears that which comes first in this relation, anxiety or sedentary.

Moreover, different researches explain the variance in ideas about anxiety. Some supports its relationship with sedentary life style or some does not support it. So it is important to keep in mind when ever we use TV, computer or any use of the electronic device that it may cause a serious effect of anxiety day by day. It is important that previous studies also explain the connection between sitting life style and anxiety problem. Moreover a Canadian study explained the heart problem, diabetes, cancer and sudden death due to the long sedentary action. She suggested that people should stretch their body while sitting, and sometimes they should stand to relax their body and to prevent it from anxiety problem. These things are important for the body in the whole day and it is also helpful in physical fitness and for mind health.

Dr. Alan Manevitz also supported this idea that it is a common sense to do all these things for the betterment of the body health. Teychenne said, it is not explanation of cause and effects of sitting habit and anxiety but just only explain its relationship.

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