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Celexa Pill

Celexa is also known as Citalopram which belong to the category called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Celexa is majorly used for treating symptoms of depression. The amount of serotonin (neurotransmitter responsible for happiness) released in the synapse is prolonged in certain parts of the brain to uplift the mood of patients. The treatment course must be of at least a few weeks to see evident results. Celexa is available in different forms under several brand names. Cipramil is another popular brand name used for this drug. If your doctor is prescribing you this medication, it is always better to consult with him/her about its uses and side-effects. The FDA approved the use of this medication in the year 1998.

Uses of Celexa

Celexa is commonly used for the treatment of depression related symptoms. Other than depression, there are other disorders that can be benefitted by the use of this drug. Some of them are off-label.


Side-effects of Celexa

As mentioned above, Celexa has many medical uses. But, every medication brings along certain unnecessary side-effects. The ones associated with Celexa are mentioned below.

Major Side-effects

Minor Side-effects:


Though Celexa have many uses, under certain medical conditions it should be prohibited to patients. These conditions are:

Pregnancy and Celexa

The FDA assigned Celexa the pregnancy category C. Hence, the risks aren’t ruled out when an individual is expecting as seen in animal research studies. It should only be prescribed to a patient if the risks seem lesser than the benefits.

Mode of Ingestion

Celexa is administered to patients orally.

Active ingredient: Citalopram

Trade brand and generic names of Citalopram: Actipram, Adco-Talomil, Akarin, Alutan, Apertia, Arpolax, Auro-Citalopram, Ava-Citalopram, Celapram, Celexa, Chem Mart Citalopram, Ciazil, Cilex, Cilift, Cimal, Ciprager, Cipram, Cipramil, Ciprapine, Cita, Citadep, Citadur, Citadura, Citaham, Cital, Citalec, Citalhexal, Citalift, Citalon, Citalopram Ecosol, Citalopram-RL, Citalorin, Citarcana, Citavie, Citor, Citox, Citrol, Claropram, CO Citalopram, Cortran, CTP 30, Desital, Dom-Citalopram, Emocal, Feliz, Finap, Gen-Citalopram, Genprol, GenRx Citalopram, Humorap, Jamp-Citalopram, Lontax, Lowdep, Manda-Citalopram, Mint-Citalopram, Mylan-Citalopram, NG Citalopram, Novo-Citalopram, Opra, Palocit, PHL-Citalopram, PMS-Citalopram, Pocital, Pram, Pramcil, Prepram, Prisdal, Prisma, Psiconor, Q-Citalopram, Ran-Citalo, Ran-Citalopram, Ratio-Citalopram, Recital, Rhoxal-Citalopram, Riva-Citalopram, Rudopram, Sedopram, Septa-Citalopram, Seralgan, Serital, Seropram, Setronil, Siozam, Talam, Talohexal, Talomil, Tazen, Temperax, Teva-Citalopram, Zentius, Zym-Citalopram.

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