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Presence of sodium in the body is responsible for accelerating episodes related to mania or excitement. Eskalith, also called Lithium Carbonate helps in altering the sodium flow to muscles cells and neurons present in the body. The ‘List of Essential Medicines’ made by the World Health Organisation counts Lithium Carbonate as a very important medication useful for health. It looks like white powder without any odour.

In case of manic depression, this medication can be prescribed to patients. The symptoms involved in mania are aggression, anger, poor judgement, rushed speech, paranoid delusions, and hyperactivity. Research evidences has shown that this medication is extremely useful to either reduce or prevent the mentioned mania symptoms.

Lithium carbonate

Uses of Eskalith

Other than mania, Eskalith can be used for several other medical uses. You can check them out below:

Side effects of Eskalith

There are several side effects associated to the use of Eskalith (Lithium Carbonate). The doctor and the patient must be aware of these unnecessary effects that may come along with the use of Lithium Carbonate. They are as follows:

Major side effects:

Minor side effects:

In case of overdose:


Conditions under which Eskalith is prohibited to patients are:

Eskalith and Pregnancy

Research has shown significant harm to the foetus as a result of the use of Eskalith. It was assigned to the pregnancy category D, which means it should only be used if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Mode of Ingestion

It is found in tablet and capsule forms which are consumed by the patient through the mouth.

Active ingredient: Lithium Carbonate

Trade brand and generic names of Lithium Carbonate: Acolitium, Alkalith CR, Apo-Lithium Carbonate, Apo-Lithium Carbonate SR, Cabalex, Cade-L, Camcolit, Candamide, Carbolim, Carbolit, Carbolith, Carbolithium, Carbolitium, Carboron, Carboron Retard, Ceglution, Contemnol, Duralith, Elcab, Eskalith, Eskalith CR, Euro Lithium, Eutimin, Frimania, Genlith, Hypnorex, Hypnorex Retard, Indlith, Karlit, Lentolith, Leukominerase, Li 450, Li 450 Ziethen, Licab, Licarb, Licarbium, Limas, Limed, Liskonum, Lit-300, Litard, Lithane, Lithea, Litheum, Lithicarb, Lithinate, Lithionate, Lithium, Lithium Carbonicum, Lithium Phasal, Lithiun, Lithizine, Lithmax, Lithobid, Litho-Carb, Lithocent, Lithocent-CR, Lithonate, Lithopik, Lithosun, Lithotabs, Liticar, Liticarb, Litiocar, Lito, Manialit, Manialith, Maniprex, Micalith, Milithin, Neurolepsin, Neurolithium, Pal-Lithium Carbonate, Phanate, Phasal, PHL-Lithium Carbonate, Plenur, PMS-Lithium Carbonate, Priadel Retard, Psicolit, Psycolith, Quilonium-R, Quilonorm Retard, Quilonum, Quilonum Retard, Quilonum SR, Sedalit, Staleth, Teralithe, Teralithe LP.

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