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Antidepressant Luvox

Luvox Pill

This is an antidepressant medicine. It affects the chemical balance in the brain. It is mostly used in people with obsessive compulsive symptoms. It treats anxiety disorders in patients. It belongs to the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor medicines.

Uses of Luvox

As we already know it is used to treat obsessive compulsive disorder. It helps fight anxiety and compulsive disorder. It is also used to treat depression and post-traumatic stress.


Side Effects of Luvox

It is always suggested to get medical help if you experience allergic reactions after using this medicine. There can be signs of skin rash, hives, swelling of face, lips, or throat and difficulty in breathing. There can also be new symptoms which you might have to check with the doctor. Let us see some of the side effects of this medicine.

There are many common side effects as well of this medicine. They are

Contraindications of Luvox

There are many drugs which can interact with this medicine. It is important that you consult your doctor and inform them about any medical history. It is advised to take this medicine at night and also make sure that you follow the details mentioned on the prescription. Also, this medicine can be taken with or without food and you can swallow it whole. Do not break or crush or open a capsule of this medicine. If the medicine is no longer required, then follow the doctor`s advice and slowly stop using it over a period of time. If you miss the dose, then do not take an extra dose of the medicine. Any alcoholic beverage can increase the side effects of this medicine. Check with the doctor if you need to take another medicine, especially anti-inflammatory drugs. The medicine luvox can affect your thought process and reaction time. Hence it is advisable not to drive or do heavy work after taking this medicine. Sleeping pills, medicine for depression and anxiety or seizure are known to interact with this medicine. In case you have a history of glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clotting disorder, bipolar disorder or electrolyte imbalance then talk to your doctor before taking this medicine. The doctor will prescribe certain precautions which need to be followed without fail.

Pregnancy and Luvox

This medicine can cause serious issues in a newborn. The problems are severe in case of late pregnancy. Stopping the medicine can also cause issues or a relapse of the OCD symptoms in the mothers. Consult the doctor before starting the medicine. The medicine can also pass to the newborn through breast milk and can harm the baby. Breast feeding is not advisable while using this medicine.

Active ingredient: Fluvoxamine

Trade brand and generic names of Fluvoxamine: Apo-Fluvoxamine, Ava-Fluvoxamine, BCI Fluvoxamine, CO Fluvoxamine, Desifluvoxamin, Dom-Fluvoxamine, Dumirox, Dumyrox, Faverin, Favoxil, Felixsan, Fevarin, Flox-Ex, Floxyfral, Floxyfral Junior, Fluvator, Fluvohexal, Fluvosol, Fluvoxadura, Fluvoxamin, Fluvoxamina, Fluvoxaminemaleaat, Fluvoxin, Gen-Fluvoxamine, Luvox, Luvox CR, Maveral, Movox, Myroxine, Novo-Fluvoxamine, Nu-Fluvoxamine, PHL-Fluvoxamine, PMS-Fluvoxamine, Ratio-Fluvoxamine, Revilife, Rhoxal-Fluvoxamine, Riva-Fluvox, Sandoz Fluvoxamine, Sorest, Voxam, Voxamin, Voxamine, Vuminix.

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