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Antidepressant Pamelor

Pamelor Pill

The medicine is a tricyclic antidepressant. This is mostly used for patients affected by depression. It is a second generation medicine and is used widely.

Uses of Pamelor

It is used to treat depression and childhood bedwetting cases. Your doctor can also prescribe this medicine for patients with conditions such as migraine, neurological disorder, Irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain. It helps the patients feel better and helps them lead a normal life. While treating bedwetting symptoms the medication is provided only for three months. It can help quit smoking as well along with reduced symptoms of ADHD.


Side Effects of Pamelor

Patients taking pamelor have shown certain side effects. The side effects can be quite serious in nature and may need immediate medical help. In case of allergic reactions, hives, swelling of the face or throat. If you see any new symptoms or if they worsen, consult the doctor. Panic attacks, anxiety or mood changes are some of the common side effects. Call the doctor or medical emergency if you have

Apart from these there are certain common side effects of this medicine, which commonly happens with patients.

Contraindications of Pamelor

Medicines like pamelor can have multiple contradictions. One should share their medical history with the doctor and confirm before taking this medicine. If you have a medical history of heart attack or allergies to similar medicines then consult the doctor to change the medicine. Also, do not use an MAO inhibitor which contains linezolid, phenelzine, rasagiline or others. Patients suffering from heart disease or stroke or seizure, liver disease, thyroid disorder, diabetes, glaucoma, mental illness or bipolar disorder should talk to their doctor to confirm before using the medicine. Alcohol consumption should also be stopped as it may have adverse effects. It can lead to suicidal or overdose attempts in patients. It is important that one should not take an overdose of this medicine. It often leads to complications and even death in cases of overdose. Some patients can have suicidal thoughts or tendencies after using this medicine. It is advised to monitor the patients and visit the doctor regularly. One should not use this medicine without medical advice neither it should be given to children. This medicine is not approved for children of any age. Any mood changes or symptoms should be immediately reported. The medicine can make you lose your ability of coordination, hence one should not drive or work after taking this medicine immediately.

Pregnancy and Pamelor

It is not yet found that the medicine can pass into the breast milk or harm the fetus. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor and take advice on how you can prevent any harmful effects to the newborn child. Your doctor can either change the medicine or suggest preventive measures.

Active ingredient: Nortriptyline

Trade brand and generic names of Nortriptyline: Allegron, Apo-Nortriptyline, Ateben, Ava-Nortriptyline, Aventyl, Dom-Nortriptyline, Gen-Nortriptyline, Martimil, Norfenazin, Noritren, Norline, Norpress, Nortab, Norterol, Nortrilen, Nortyline, Norventyl, Novo-Nortriptyline, Nu-Nortriptyline, Ortrip, Pamelor, Paxtibi, PMS-Nortriptyline, Ratio-Nortriptyline, Sensaval, Sensival, Sensival Ventyl, Teva-Nortriptyline, Vividyl.

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