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Zyprexa Pill

Zyprexa is a popular antipsychotic drug that is also referred as Olanzapine. It alters some of the neurotransmitters in the brain that result in significant changes in moods and cognition. It belongs to the group of medications called atypical antipsychotics. It is used for treating symptoms related to bipolar disorder (also called manic depression) and schizophrenia. Sometimes, this medication can also be combined with other antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs to treat certain other psychological disorders. It helps in reducing the severity of hallucinations in patients. This drug was introduced by Eli Lilly in the year 1982.

Uses of Zyprexa

There are many uses associated to Zyprexa. The most common ones are mentioned below:

Other investigational uses are:


Side effects of Zyprexa

If a patient is prescribed Zyprexa by a psychiatrist, he/she must look out for certain side effects that are unnecessary and can cause harm. Some of the general ones are mentioned below:

Major side effects:

Minor side effects:


Certain conditions are there when this medication is strictly not allowed to patients. Both the doctor and patient must be aware of them. They are:

Zyprexa and Pregnancy

The FDA assigned this drug to the category C. This means that the foetus may suffer significant harm if taken when expecting.

Mode of Ingestion

It is either injected intramuscularly or taken through the mouth.

Active ingredient: Olanzapine

Trade brand and generic names of Olanzapine: Apo-Olanzapine, Apo-Olanzapine ODT, Ava-Olanzapine, Cinol, CO Olanzapine, CO Olanzapine ODT, Dopin, Emzypine, Epilanz, Gabena, Genzapin, Jolyon-MD, Joyzol, Lano, Lanopin, Lanzac, Luzalpine, Manza, Meltolan, Midax, M-Olan, Mylan-Olanzapine, Mylan-Olanzapine ODT, Novo-Olanzapine, Olace, Olan, Olandin, Olandoz, Olandus, Olanex, Olanex Instab, Olangim, Olansek, Olanstad, Olanvipin, Olanzapik, Olanzapine ODT, Olanzapro, Olapax, Olapin, Oleanz, Olenz, Oles, Olexar, Olima, Olivin, Oliza, Olpin, Oltal, Oltha, Olzap, Onza, Opin, Opirap, Ozace, Ozap, Ozapin, Ozapin MD, Ozapine, Ozip, PHL-Olanzapine, PHL-Olanzapine ODT, Pine, PMS-Olanzapine, PMS-Olanzapine ODT, Polanz, Polzapin, Psycholanz, Psychozap, Psycolanz, Remital, Riva-Olanzapine, Riva-Olanzapine ODT, Sandoz Olanzapine, Sandoz Olanzapine ODT, Schizol-MD, Sincris, Skyzol, Sweta-Olanzep, Teva-Olanzapine, Teva-Olanzapine OD, Tolaz, Zanprex, Zapinex FT, Zolo, Zycopin, Zydis, Zypine, Zyprexa, Zyprexa I.M., Zyprexa Velotab, Zyprexa Zydis.

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