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Preventing the Collateral damage: Antidepressants & Prescription Drug Addiction!

Prescription Drug Addiction

Regardless of a FDA Public Health Advisory in 2004 cautioning about the genuine dangers related with all antidepressants, the quantity of Americans taking the medications has moved to 17 million, and doctor prescribed drug addiction and abuse constantly accelerates.

The FDA's ruling that notices of suicide to incorporate came after an open hearing, where relatives and casualties affirmed about suicide and brutal acts conferred by individuals taking these meds.

Among the 32 antidepressants named were Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Luvox, Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor, Elavil, Serzone, Remeron and Wellbutrin - all similarly equipped for prompting suicide and craziness, particularly among more youthful patients.

Since getting drugs from the specialist are such a normal piece of American life, prescription drug addiction has surpassed illegal street drug enslavement in numerous districts. What many individuals don't understand is that antidepressant medications are similarly as perilous, in their way, as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and the other basic addictive street drugs.

The general protests about antidepressants, from numerous specialists including doctors, analysts, therapists and research researchers and also a large number of previous clients, are these:

Numerous opposite reactions referred to as motivations to maintain a strategic distance from antidepressants may be:

Sexual symptoms can incorporate loss of drive in both men and ladies, and obstruction with typical sexual working. These can endure for quite a long time or even years in the wake of halting the medications. These have driven a few sufferers to self-treat with different medications, bringing about surprisingly more terrible issues, including professionally prescribed medication fixation.

Antidepressants are connected to various sorts of craziness:

Serotonin toxidrome, likewise called serotonin toxicity or serotonin syndrome, is a possibly life-debilitating antagonistic medication response that can happen in the wake of taking a few antidepressants. Other lethal responses have additionally happened when antidepressants are blended with other medicine and over-the-counter drugs, and a considerable rundown of basic nourishment sorts also.

Drug interactions have demonstrated especially hazardous for individuals with a doctor prescribed medication fixation who take an upper to attempt to "descend". Spikes in BP, liver inflammation, strokes, heart attacks and seizures have all been recorded.

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